June 23, 2023

Losing volume can diminish the natural harmony and balance of your features, but you can restore it through facial fat grafting. In this procedure, excess fat cells from your body are harvested and injected into your facial tissue to enhance your proportionality. Choose DFW Plastic Surgery for facial fat grafting in Fort Worth, TX, and experience a rejuvenated, youthful appearance.

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How Facial Fat Grafting Works

You’ll receive sedation or general anesthesia during facial fat grafting to promote your comfort. Unwanted fat cells are harvested from your body, usually from the abdomen, flanks, or upper thighs. After purification and preparation, the fat is injected into targeted areas of your face. The procedure, taking 30-60 minutes, restores facial fullness and naturally enhances skin color and texture.

Am I a Good Candidate?

It is Generally Ideal If You:
  • Seek to restore lost facial volume.
  • Maintain overall good health.
  • Have consulted with a surgeon to establish realistic expectations.
It is Not So Great If You:
  • Have deeper structural concerns that warrant a facelift.
  • Do not have sufficient body fat for a transfer.


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Rely on Us for Facial Fat Grafting

At DFW Plastic Surgery, we have years of experience performing facial fat grafting for patients in Fort Worth, TX, and beyond. In our experience, about 80% of patients retain some or all of their transplanted fat, resulting in long-term augmentation. Not only does the fat act as a filler, but it also improves the texture, color, and appearance of the overlying skin – an effect not seen with other fillers. We would be delighted to share more information about the procedure and assess your eligibility. Contact us at (817) 920-0484 to schedule a consultation.