June 23, 2023

Years of sun exposure and gravity can result in lines, deep wrinkles, and a heavy or furrowed appearance on your forehead, making you appear tired and have puffy eyes. A brow lift can address these aging signs by raising the brow and enhancing your facial features. DFW Plastic Surgery in Fort Worth, TX, offers brow lift procedures to help you restore your youthful countenance.

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Why People Get a Brow Lift

Discover the top reasons why you might consider getting a brow lift:

  • It restores your eyebrows to a more natural arch.
  • It tightens the skin, removing excess tissue.
  • It can reduce sagging of the upper eyelids.
  • It conceals horizontal wrinkles and lines across your forehead.
  • It can soften frown lines or eyebrow creases.

Financing Options

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The Brow Lift Procedure Process Explained

The Consultation

Your brow lift journey starts with a consultation, where you’ll meet with Dr. Ducic to discuss your aesthetic goals. Together, you’ll explore various treatment options and create a personalized plan tailored to your needs. Dr. Ducic will also review your medical history to ensure you’re an ideal candidate for safe and successful surgery. If you maintain good health and realistic expectations about the procedure, you’re likely well-suited for a brow lift.

What Should I Do in Preparation?

At your consultation, Dr. Ducic will let you know of any steps you need to take to prepare for your brow lift. In some cases, this might involve pausing certain medications or supplements that may impair your healing process.

What is Brow Lift Surgery Like?

When you arrive for surgery, our patient care team will warmly welcome you, and we will administer anesthesia to promote your comfort throughout the procedure. Dr. Ducic will make tiny incisions, then insert an endoscope (a long, thin tube with a video camera). Using the endoscope, Dr. Ducic will place tiny screws and staples under the scalp, elevating your brow to a higher level. The endoscopic method promotes less scarring and faster healing when compared with other surgical approaches.

What Should I Expect in Terms of Recovery from a Brow Lift?

You will be discharged with aftercare instructions, but most patients are ready to head back to work within 10-14 days and to regular exercise within a month. While you can expect some discomfort, bruising, and swelling, these symptoms can easily be managed with prescribed medications. Three weeks post-surgery, Dr. Ducic will remove the tiny screws and staples.

How Long Will My Brow Lift Results Last?

By carefully adhering to your post-operative guidelines and engaging in a healthy lifestyle overall, you can maintain the results of your brow lift for a long time.


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An endoscopic brow lift can rejuvenate your entire facial appearance, allowing you to look and feel years younger. Our techniques promote minimal scarring and faster recovery. To learn more about brow lifts in Fort Worth, TX, contact DFW Plastic Surgery at (817) 920-0484.